Alan J. Lee & Associates, LLC is a psychology practice that specializes in providing a variety of mental health and forensic evaluation services to the public and private sectors. Originally founded in 1997 by psychologist Alan J. Lee, Psy.D., this Practice has expanded to include a number of other well-qualified licensed psychologists who provide expertise in many areas of clinical and forensic psychology. The core values of this Practice have centered on providing thorough, comprehensive, and individualized evaluations in a timely and responsive fashion based on well-established professional and scientific methods in the field. This Practice has flourished with its reputation for providing objective, reliable, and detailed evaluations. With the Practice's focus on and specialty in clinical and forensic assessment, our consumers can be confident of our familiarity with professional practice standards as well as emerging research in our specialty areas, careful case conceptualization and thorough approach in assessment, use of reliable and validated methods that are professionally or scientifically accepted, careful and thoughtful integration of information into thorough and understandable psychological reports, and willingness to provide consultation and expert witness testimony when indicated.

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